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Bars are finished product of solid section which may be circular or polygonal. Steel bars are used in a variety of industries such as the cement industries, military equipment, ship building and other types of architectural related businesses. Their applications and uses depend on the type of bars needed and come in various sizes and shapes. The dimensions generally confirm to the following.

  • Rounds
  • Squares
  • Hexagons
  • Flats

Besides the above mentioned products, we also supply -

  • Bright Bars
  • TMT Bars

Our products are of superior quality and are procured from leading vendors.

MS-Bars Specification

MS Round Bar and MS Square Bar

Steel Bars fulfill a large number of uses. Because of its intrinsic strength, which stems from its Circular Cross Section, Round Bars offer universal applications where Omni Directional Strength is of premium, especially in the reinforcement of concrete. Square bars have many applications and uses as well. Because of its shape, they are often used to manufacture other items. Bars come in two varieties, both having identical measurements:

  • Bright shaft
    • Round Bars
    • Square Bars
  • Mild Steel
    • Round Bars
    • Square Bars

MS Flat Bar

MS Flat Bars are thin strips of mild steel available in various thickness. Flat bars are the most basic of steel structures. Flats are generally of rectangular cross section with edges of controlled contour and of thickness 3mm and over, supplied in straight length. Its applications ranges from construction to machine fabrication and are mainly used for general engineering and fabrication jobs.


TMT Bars is an acronym for thermo-mechanical treatment. The TMT process gives the bar superior strength and anti-corrosive properties. TMT Bars are highly corrosion resistant and show excellent tensile strength and are thus used for Concrete reinforcement. TMT bars available are available with following grades:

  • FE - 415
  • FE - 500
  • FE - 550