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Sheets are available in flat pieces or coiled strips. The coils are formed by running a continuous sheet of metal through a roll slitter. We offer high quality sheets of various gauge and dimensions.

These Sheets are used for various structural and engineering purposes and observe International and National standards. Our Mild Steel Sheets are available in different sizes and specifications to meet the requirements of clients.

HR Sheets, CR Sheets and GP/GC Sheets Weight Calculating formula:
WEIGHT (in KGS) = LENGTH (in MM) x WIDTH (in MM) x 0.00000785 x THICKNESS (in MM)
Consider the following example:
The weight of MS Sheet of 1mm thickness and size 1250 MM X 2500 MM shall be 2500MM X 1250 MM X 0.00000785 X 1 = 24.53 KGS

We also offer a wide range of Hot Rolled and Cold Rolled Steel Sheets that are available in different width and thickness in the form of Coils or cut to length as required.


MS-Sheets Specification

HR Sheet

HR sheets are flat products rolled from slabs of rectangular cross section. Hot Rolled Coils are primarily used for making pipes and have many direct industrial and manufacturing applications, including the construction of military vehicles, railway coaches, bicycle frames, ships, engineering equipment and automobile manufacturing and body parts. We offer high quality HR coils and sheets which have excellent processing ability and high durability which are available in different width and thickness.

CR Sheet

Cold rolled sheet products are used in a wide variety of end applications such as appliances - refrigerators, washing machines, automobiles, electric motors etc. Our range of Cold Rolled Sheets is in high demand, due to their superior quality and impressive performance. Our products have high formability, good surface quality and tight tolerance power.

Galvanized Plain/Corrugated Sheet

GP/GC Sheets & Coils are zinc coated Cold Rolled Sheets. Such are required in manufacturing of industrial and domestic goods. These are widely used in agriculture sector and construction industries. GP and GC sheets are manufactured with superior quality steel that ensure long life of the product. Offered in different specifications and range, these products cab be customized according to clients needs.

Roofing and Decking Sheet

Profile Sheets are manufactured using high quality raw materials and provide cost effective solution for various construction purposes such as roofing, side-walls, partitions and panels. The Colour Coated Profile Sheets is gaining popularity for use in Industrial Shades, Workshops, Construction Sites. Excellent design & secure fastening systems ensure the security and weather-light performance of coated steel roofing during extreme weather.